Nettie Birch makes fold formed jewellery using aluminium, copper and sterling silver. The technique folds sheet metal and compresses and stretches those folds by hammering. Once opened, beautiful flowing organic shapes are formed. The jewellery ranges from large, sculptural, statement pieces to more wearable pendants and earrings.
Aluminium is known for it’s lightness and malleability allowing large pieces to be made and worn comfortably. Copper pieces showcase this metals warmth and range of colours. The new range of silver & 18ct gold plated pieces add luxury to already popular designs.

Fold-forming was developed by Charles Lewton-Brain in the 1980′s and was a completely new way of working with metal. Nettie discovered the technique around 5 years ago and, after a year perfecting the technique, she changed the direction of her practice to devote her time solely to fold forming.

Nettie's inspiration is simple - a desire to explore the movement of metal and all the possibilities of this technique which has so captivated her.