Liz Grundy is a sculptor living and working in Barnsley, Yorkshire, U.K. where she has a workshop. There is a tradition in Yorkshire of stone carving including such luminaries as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.

Liz has travelled widely and her sculpture is influenced by the various places throughout the world that she has visited. For more details please take a look at her travel page.

An important development for her work was discovering African sculpture on show at a Garden Festival at Tatton Park, Manchester, U.K. The impact of African art inspired her so much that she travelled to East Africa in 2011, where she was fortunate enough to carve alongside a team of Shona sculptors. Liz now imports stone from Africa.

Liz uses a variety of stone including Ancaster, Cadeby and Portland Limestone from the U.K. along with Serpentine stone from Africa which includes Opal and Cobalt, from these stones she produce her high quality sculpture.






Prices range from £200 - £1,950

For more information on Liz's work, or to purchase from the range - please contact The Bessemer II Gallery.