Karen Welsh studied ceramics at the University of the West of England, the Kunst Akademie in Den Bosch & the European Work Centre for Ceramics in the Netherlands where she worked with international artists & designers. 

Following her graduation in 2000 she has exhibited on an international level, and has worked with arts organisations, schools, and galleries to explore the boundaries of contemporary ceramics.

Karen's 'Sylph' vases are abstract figurative vessels, inspired by the female form, created using virtual reality sculpture software in an exploration of how cutting edge engineering technology can be combined with creative 3D design and sculpture. Each vessel is individually hand made using English fine bone china and traditional slip casting techniques.

Karen's contemporary tea and coffee sets are inspired by clean Art Deco shapes. Hand applied, vintage silk-screen prints characterise each piece with a different personality.  

Her jewellery range is all sterling silver, made by hand, and characterised with the same range of nature-inspired silk-screen designs. 






















Prices range from £10 to £46 

For more information on Karen's work, or to purchase from the range - please contact The Bessemer I Gallery.