Bryan began wood turning as a hobby in the early 1980’s. As a working engineer, used to turning metal, he found the softer more flexible material a challenge. He built his own lathe, turned the garage into a studio/workshop, collected a number of logs and began experimenting with tools and shapes.

He uses only South Yorkshire reclaimed timber, wood from trees that have fallen naturally or had to be felled for safety reasons. He believes the variety of colour and graining in English timber is enough without the need to resort to rain-forest or other threatened woodlands.

Each of Bryan’s creations is always individual and unique. His aim is to get the largest item he can from the log that he starts with. The final shape is determined by the way in which he can make the most of the natural graining and defects in the wood.











Prices range from £30 - £160

For more information on Bryan's work, or to purchase from the range - please contact The Bessemer II Gallery.