Juliet studied art and ceramics at school and loved it. However, she also loved sciences, flouting traditional convention that you have to choose or can only be good at one or the other. When it came to university however, she opted to study zoology at Nottingham University. After this she drifted back to her artistic background and started a small business designing and producing hand made greetings cards. 


Juliet is self taught across all the media she works in and has learnt by experimentation and exploration. She loves painting and stained glass equally and both inspire and influence each other.


She is strongly influenced by her diverse interests: nature, science; especially biology, gardening, walking, technical crafts and science fiction, to name a few.




Prices range from £9 - £1,750

For more information on Juliet's work, or to purchase from the range - please contact The Bessemer II Gallery.