Canga's Caroline Hall lives and works in Totnes. The natural world has inspired many of her patterns – she loves drawing plants, including some unusual ones that she grows in her garden such as Loquat, Myrtle, Montana and Mimosa.

Her work in Africa opened up new sources of inspiration such as Botswana baskets and threshing floors, Nigerian carved doors and the raffia velvet weavings of the Shoowa and Kuba peoples.  Archaeology has led her to explore ancient rock engravings.

Dévoré technique relies on fabric woven from a mixture of protein and cellulose fibers (silk with viscose pile). An acid print-paste is screen printed and heated to burn-out (devour) parts of the viscose leaving “see-through” silk. These fibers react differently when dyed so that colours may be over-laid in multiple dyeings to achieve contrasts and enhance the design.


Prices range from £38 to £45

For more information on Caroline's work please contact The Bessemer II Gallery